Technology Tournament 2017

28 teams from ten schools took part in the annual Joint 10 Technology Tournament held at Featherstone Rovers RLFC on Tuesday 7st March. Schools taking part were :-
Crofton Academy
Qegs & WGHS
Kettlethorpe High
King’s High
Castleford Academy
Freestone High
Airedale Academy
Featherstone Academy

It was encouraging that there were more girls, almost 50/50, than ever before taking part in the teams.

This year’s Basic Task involved the design, construction and testing of a launching device, complete with a remotely operated trigger mechanism. This should enable the capsule to rise vertically above 3m. It should land as close as possible to the point of lift off.

The Intermediate Task also requires the capsule to carry a parachute that opens to allow descent as close as possible to the point of lift off.

The Advanced Task requires a capsule and also carrier vehicle to rise vertically to 3m. The capsule must carry a parachute. The capsule must disengage from the carrier vehicle and the parachute must open to allow descent of the capsule as close as possible to the lift off point.

For the final test the Launcher must be loaded with the capsule/carrier, be armed and ready to fire after a 10 second countdown. During this countdown, there must be no physical contact. It must be released remotely from a 1m distance. Hand ‘catapult’ firing is not allowed.

All the teams were assessed on:-
Planning & Teamwork
Design Analysis
Development of a solution and communication of ideas
Manufacture of their design

Marks were also given for:-
Release Mechanism
Vertical Launching
Height of Trajectory
Landing Position
Carrier Separation (Advanced)
Parachute Deployment (Intermediate & Advanced)

A basic pack of materials were provided to each team comprising of :-

A4 Card 1 sheet
4mm Dowel 4dia x 600mm 3
Wood 10x10x600mm 7
Elastic Bands 3.2mm 20
Green garden wire 1m 1
Thin string 2 metres 1
A4 grey board 1.5mm thick 1
Golf air ball 1
Cardboard cup Height 65mm 1
Base Board For capsule launcher 1
Strong Cotton 6mm 1
Right angled screw hook 2
Screw eyes 6mm dia hole 4
Wood screws 3 x 20mm 10
Parachute material 150 x 150mm thin plastic 1

All the teams brought a set of tools.


1st Ackworth
2nd Kings

2nd Ackworth

2nd Ackworth

All students taking part received a Rotary certificate and will receive a Crest Award. In addition Featherstone Rovers donated a free ticket to their next home match to all the students.
The winning school in each category received a cheque for £50.