Technology Tournament 2015

16 teams from five schools took part in the annual Joint 7 Technology Tournament held at Featherstone Rovers RLFC on Tuesday 3th May.   teams were given a set of instructions and a very limited set of materials to design and build an opening bridge.
The school that took part were: 

Crofton Academy

12-14 age group winners –

  • 1. Crofton
  • 2. Minsthorpe
  • 3.Freestone 3
14-16 age group winners –
  • 1. Crofton
  • 2. QEGS/WGH A
  • 3. QEGS/WGH B
16+    age group winners
  •  1. QEGS/WGHA
  • 2. Minsthorpe
  • 3. QEGS/WGH B
We are extremely grateful to Wakefield PP Nick Castle and his team for leading the Tournament this year, Featherstone Rovers and their staff for the use of their banqueting suit and Mary for catering lunch, to George Marsden for agreeing to be Chief Judge and to those Joint 7 members who gave time to act as judges and stewards on the day.