Thursday 01st January 1970

Project SHS – A BNG Initiative

The Business Network Group (BNG) of Sherburn and surrounding areas was established over three years ago in 2014 to enable business to come together, learn from each other and to give businesses a voice locally.

It also provided the opportunity for local business initiatives to be agreed and developed, with the aim of working in a sustainable way with the local community. There have been several activities, however 2018 will give the opportunity for the group to take forward an initiative aimed at supporting youth development and the local young people and schools.

To take this agenda forward the group has been working with a lead teacher from Sherburn High School to understand what the parameters of the project will be, what the school needs and how best business can meet and support these requirements. Importantly how to create a sustainable project that integrates and supports the curriculum and achievement of the Gatsby Benchmarks upon which schools are measured against.

The Curriculum leaders have now defined what they feel is needed and the business community are working to identify what they can offer to meet these needs and what support and expertise they can offer.

You may not have been directly involved in this project but can still offer your expertise and support to develop the students, we have not restricted to specific years but expect the project to have an organic element as we learn as we go through the process.

We have a spread sheet showing what skills, knowledge and expertise the school are hoping to get help from the business community, if you feel you/your company would be willing to and benefit from input into this project please do make contact by –

Help support our schools and local young people by giving your time, expertise and support to help them achieve better and brighter futures.