Europe4Europe 2014

Europe for Europe (E4E) is a biannual cultural exchange visit, which took place this summer (July/Aug 2014) for young people between the age of 18 and 21. One person from from each of the European Union Member state is selected to represent their country and rotary. E4E is organised to celebrate the founding of the EEC Union by the 7 initial member state.

The E4E cultural exchange is organised and hosted by 7 rotary clubs (1 from each country visited on the programme), awardees meet in Milan (Italy), and then proceed to visit France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Luxemburg  etc, taking part in a number of events and activities over some 18 days. The trip was an equal mix of leisure and historical activities. The trip offered several castes and their history and museum visits, including the Mercedes Benz museum whilst in Germany.  There was also leisure activities such as banana boat riding, water skiing, high rope garden –  involving the leap of faith and cycling through the city in Amsterdam.

The Rotary Club of Oscgoldcross & Elmet are thrilled to be the UK club selected to represent the UK and RIBI (Rotary International Britain & Ireland), this years Rotary UK ambassador was Kirstie Park from South Milford. Kirstie is a student studying for a degree at Askam Bryan college, as a young leader “Guides, Ranger” Kirstie has supported many community projects including the annual South Milford community village bonfire event.

Kirstie tells me that the E4E programme has helped her develop understanding of different cultural needs across the EU, and that she has made many new friends and had the opportunity to take part in many activities and benefit from the programme which will help her in her studies and future employment.

“I am very grateful to have been chosen to represent Yorkshire as well as the United Kingdom in the rotary exchange. Before the beginning of the exchange I was extremely nervous about not knowing anyone on the trip, once I had arrived everyone introduced themselves and this instantly put my nerves at bay. Within a few days of the trip everyone bonded really well as everyone had similar interests. The E4E exchange is definitely one that I am going to remember for years to come”.