Thursday 01st January 1970

Rotary in 21st Century Meeting

The local Rotary club(Osgoldcross and Elmet) recently celebrated 25years of working within local communities and Internationally. It is now time to build on that experience and success by exploring how best to use the name of Rotary, said to be the third largest volunteering organisation in the world, to meet the needs of individuals living or working within our local communities in the 21st Century

Some people have expressed a wish to understand more and explore what the future local Rotary would look like. We would like to invite everyone who may be interested to a informal get together to explore the above in more detail at the The Queen o’t’owd Thatch South Milford on Tuesday 24th May at 5.30-6pm.

Please come along put forward your ideas as to what a new club would look like, the options are great, importantly whatever is established must meet the needs of individuals and the communities within which it will work. We are all part of those communities and therefore well aware of the needs.

We look forward to meeting you on the 24th, If you are unable to attend but would like to discuss in more detail or put your ideas forward please do not hesitate to contact us.