Rotary District 1040 News

rotaryYou will be pleased to know that Rotary District 1040 was invited to attend the presentation of the brand new Yorkshire Air Ambulance on Tuesday 7th June 2016.

You will be proud to know that the Rotary Logo is on both of the back doors recognising the valuable contribution that individual Rotarians through their clubs, have made to help make this valuable and necessary piece of equipment become a reality. All members of the media were present and it is anticipated that all local news bulletins will be showing this brand new aircraft; an Airbus H145.

The first new Yorkshire Air Ambulance is completely paid for and the second one, due to be delivered later in the year and costing £5.7m is almost 80% funded already.
The new Airbus H145 is capable of 160mph, the latest technology can be upgraded to give an ‘air life’ of over twenty years. In addition it can remain in the air, without refuelling for over two hours thirty minutes; nearly one hour longer than the helicopter it will replace, once the internal refit has been completed in a few months’ time.