Bonfire Handover 2016

On the 5th of February, the Rotary Club hosted the Bonfire Handover meeting, at Monk Fryston Hall. Where we had the chance to thank all the people from the local community groups that were involved in the success of the annual Milford Bonfire, which was one again an immense success. This was the 23rd event started in 1993 bringing revenue of £4,800 compared with this year`s which is in excess of £60,000. In 1993 we donated 1900 pounds to local groups, and this year the figure is over £30,000.
The Committee start meeting early in the spring to get the planning right and it’s this dedication that has led to the event becoming more popular each year whilst retaining its ethos.
Being selected by the Yorkshire Post as one of the 5 best bonfires, certainly added a few people to the attendance.
Collectively over 300 people worked together over a weekend to make South Milford bonfire and Firework display one of the biggest community events in the North.
It was part of the reason we asked Nigel Adams, our local MP, to come and see for himself, and to present the cheques on the evening.
We often forget that the “aim” of the bonfire was to provide a service for the people of our community. However, in excess of one Quarter of a million pounds has been shared between local groups since its inception. This is a lifeline for many that adds to the rich fabric of local community and village life. This is why we want to thank all of the people that have been involved, and made the event happen and special.

A big thanks to everyone involved in making the event such a great success.