International Club Friendship

In April 2004 the Club began a partnership association with the Rotary Club of Landgraaf in the Netherlands, when four of their members visited us in Yorkshire. This lead to an invitation to attend their International Weekend in June. A group of 8 attended this gathering, at which we were introduced to the Rotary Club of Borken in Germany. We all agreed to a triennial meeting in each country.
Since then we have had annual gatherings:
2005 at Borken (Munsterland, Westphalia) Germany
2006 at Osgoldcross and Elmet (Monk Fryston and area) UK
2007 at Landgraaf (Limburg) Netherlands
2008 at Borken
2009 at Osgoldcross and Elmet
2010 at Landgraaf
2011 at Borken
2012 at Osgoldcross and Elmet
2013 at Landgraaf
And a party of 6 to 8 will visit Borken in late June 2014

This association has also lead to a number of exchanges and hosting of young people in Europe and UK.