Aqua Boxes

This brilliantly simple but effective activity directly supports world-wide disasters. Have you ever wondered how you would survive when your worldly belongings have been destroyed by an earth-quake or washed away by a Tsunami? No clothes, no shelter, no drinking water. Thousands of people each year are devastated by these natural events, and desperately depend on international support during the initial months, and in some cases years.

Aqua boxes are made from a tough plastic and are filled with a variety of essential survival basics, such as tools and clothes. However, the Aqua box also has water filtration equipment and tablets. The box itself can be used to capture and purify water, which will provide a family with drinking water for up to four months.

We fill a number of these boxes each year. They are sent to designated sites in the UK for storage, in readiness for shipment to the next disaster. Our boxes have been used all round the world. It really doesn’t take much to fill, and yet we know we are saving lives.